OZON innovates by integrating ModSecurity with HAProxy

OZON, the startup specialized in eCommerce cybersecurity, has integrated ModSecurity® web application firewall into HAProxy® and decides to bring its R&D work to the open source community. More than 15 years after they were released as open source projects, both HAProxy and ModSecurity have experienced tremendous improvements and have [...]

WordPress 4.7.1 updates for 8 security breaches

WordPress 4.7.1 was officially released on January 11, providing users of the popular open-source content management system with an incremental update fixing 62 bugs and 8 security issues. WordPress developers are encouraging users of the content management system to apply a new update, pushed this week, to resolve these security issues, [...]

7 tips to make your Joomla site more secure

As CEO of OZON, I’m continuously reading reports on security matters in order to improve our cybersecurity solutions, and looking for tips you can quickly put in place to secure your eCommerce site. This time, I was reading a Sucuri research, revealing that Joomla is the second largest CMS downloaded (68 million times), and the […]

Make SMB Cybersecurity a Priority in 2017

In October, Nearly 6,000 eCommerce sites were recently compromised by credit-card theft, after attackers injected malicious JavaScript code into their websites to steal payment card data. While compared to the 500 million user details breached at Yahoo it may seem but a small number, however, this hack has highlighted the significant risk that [...]